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New Vinyl Sale at Nice !

With the Crossover festival, at El Merkado !

How does it work ?

This event is organized for private and professional sellers of vinyl records.
The idea is not specially to get together vinyl collectors, but it is also for anybody who wants to get rid of their disc stacks, and for anyone who wants to find vinyl records at a good price.
All this in a good place near Le Cours Saleya at El Merkado !

This is being organized by a benevolent association and part of the benefits will be donated to the Association Française de l'Ataxie de Friedreich, a rare genetic disease little known to the public.

Thursday the 5th of May is a public holiday, this is a good day to spend a nice afternoon.
This event is being promoted through the social networks, on specialized websites, and with the Crossover media.
It is also possible to give us your vinyl records, knowing that Profits will be invested in the association. Some people has already given us some stacks, thank you !

Access to the general public is free, and €12 is a very good price for exhibitors.
There is an online form to simplify the registration, just ask us the link !

We would like to organize a simple, good event, to have a good time on a good place at El Merkado !

Don't hesitate to come and sell your vinyl records !!

Free entrance for visitors - €12 for exhibitors !

The place

El Merkado, Bar Tapas at le vieux Nice, near le Cours Saleya.

Vinyl Sale Juan les Pins
September 2015

Follow us, we will surely do more !

Being informed of a new event :

Don't hesitate to come and sell your vinyl records !!