Form Juan-les-Pins

Regulations to be considered as a seller

Common Regulations:
- Due by COVID we could modify or cancel the event, this decision could be done just before the event by the municipality.
- Financial participation is 15 euros per location.
- The event is scheduled Sunday 4th September 2022.
- Access to the location with the usher from 7:00am to 8:30am maximum.
- visitors opening hours: from 9am to 5pm.
- Locations of 2m x 2m, respect the boundaries of each site, the free movement of pedestrians should be maintained, main entrances must be perfectly clear.
- The sale is reserved exclusively for vinyl records, as well as directly related objects.
- Vehicles can not enter the area of ​​the event, it will be necessary to unload and load the vehicle near the event area (maximum distance between the road and the location: 10m).
- If vehicles are parked nearby, it is essential to use a suitable parking.
- The assigned emplacements are empty, free for occupants of bringing presentation and bringing elements (displays, table, chairs ...)
- It is important to take a parasol, locations are not all day in the shade (vinyl records are sensitive to heat)
- No fire (heating, cooking ...) will take place in the public domain.
- The area of the pine forest is a protected area, it is forbidden to smoke.
- It is imperative to store its waste and unsold in the containers and bins provided for this purpose.
- The locations must be released at the end of the event, in a clean state.
- It is important to have a liability insurance in case of problems.
- Drink sales unauthorized, no point food and drink provided on the event area.
- Public toilets are available near the event.
- It is not allowed to play music at the event.
- The data indicated on the form will be exclusively reserved for the smooth running of the association, and will remain strictly confidential.

Elements to be provided when access to the event:
- the registered last name.
- Photocopy of the person's ID with date of issue and the authority that issued it (or send it with the online registration form below)

Non-professional participants:
- Declaration on honor to sign when accessing the manifestation of non-participation in two other Vinyl Fair during the calendar year (Article R321-9 of the french Penal Code). Exhibitor must sell exclusively personal objects and users (Article L310-2 of the french Commercial Code).

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